Hän Poster: ¡Gracias lengua española! 1

¡Gracias lengua española! Le has dado a la lengua finesa muchísimas palabras como

Karamelli (caramelo)

Alligaattori (aligátor)

Vanilja (vainilla)

Ahora queremos devolverte el favor y regalarte una palabra: Hän. Es el pronombre para él/ella y refleja la igualdad de oportunidades. Por un mundo sin prejuicios.

This vertical poster has white text on an orange background and a photo of a smiling young child with glasses dressed in an adult-sized blue coat. The poster features three Finnish words that originate from Spanish: caramel, alligator and vanilla.

Size A1 (594 x 841 mm)
Bleed 5 mm

Equality forms a core value for Finland and its people, and the best symbol of Finnish equality is a personal pronoun from the Finnish language: hän. The third-person singular pronoun hän is neutral in terms of gender and social status, so it represents equal opportunity. It is “she” and “he,” all at once, and it has always existed in the Finnish language.

To promote inclusivity and equality, Finland wants to introduce this word – and the thinking behind it – to the rest of the world.


Edited: 9.12.2020