Better together for a better World 2018

Education and know-how

This PDF, published by the Ministry of Education and Culture, introduces policies to promote internationalisation in Finnish higher education and research 2017–2025.

  1. Greater international attraction through focusing on the latest science and leading edge research.
  2. Finland is the home of high-quality education.
  3. Momentum for sharing Finnish knowledge, expertise and educational innovations.
  4. A warm welcome to Finland.
  5. The Finnish message is heard internationally.
  6. Team Finland knowledge network.
  7. Greater involvement of Finnish experts living abroad and alumni educated in Finland.

The greatest challenges globally can only be resolved by working together. This is why Finland wishes to be an active participant in the global community, sharing in the responsibilities, offering expertise and helping solve problems. As a country, we are known for taking a responsible approach in our policies and for good achievements in education. We are also active participants in Nordic, European and worldwide networks, helping create shared knowledge and expertise.