finland toolbox – designed for you

No matter what your connection to Finland is, feel free to explore the materials and use them to show Finland to the world.

Photo: Sakari Piippo


Finland Toolbox is for everyone and anyone who wants to know more about Finland or show Finland to the world. If you’re preparing a presentation, formulating a speech or just need additional info on a certain topic, you can use what you find in the toolbox. Finland Toolbox is produced by the Finland Promotion Board.

The toolbox holds materials about a wide array of topics in a number of different formats, ranging from brochures and presentations to videos and infographics. You’ll find information in more than 20 languages.

You may use the materials in the toolbox as you wish for noncommercial purposes – you can mix and match, add to it, or translate it into additional languages.

The toolbox is also where you’ll find the Suomi Finland Visual Identity, including the Finlandica font. There are also strategy and research documents related to Finland’s country brand.

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