Flag – for print use

The FINLAND FLAG logo is a proportional rectangle that holds its proportions. The same proportions are applied to all the logos included in this toolbox. This CMYK version of the flag is intended for printed applications: magazines, printed documents, books, billboards, posters, packaging, etc.

Clear Space

A proper amount of clear space around the flag symbol adds visual impact by isolating it from other content or the edges of the surface it’s applied. Use it to keep it clear.


The flag symbol has been designed with the official  proportions. Ready-made flag symbol originals have been produced for the ease of use. Use them.

Minimum Sizes

These measurements are recommended to keep the flag symbol recognizable enough in small scale use.

Color Versions

The flag symbol comes with three originals:
1. The 2-color original
2. The blue only original
3. The white only original.

How to not do it

You should not fool around with the flag.

How to do it

The different color versions are made for various purposes:
1. The 2-color version can be used with white or near white surfaces
2. The blue only version can be used on top of light photography
3. The white only version can be used on blue background
4. The white only version can be used on top of dark photography