Artificial Intelligence

Lasers at Slush stage

Photo: Henri Juvonen

The Story

AI is not exactly new – it has formed part of various studies and applications since as far back as the 1950s.  Finland has contributed to the development of AI technologies and expertise from the very start. Finland has  progressive legislation when it comes to promoting data access and sharing, so the data access necessary for AI is available. Finland’s administration also helps secure relevant data access rights for businesses utilising AI.

Finland is small enough that utilising AI can result in a significant impact, but large enough to possess the critical mass to create an ecosystem able to reap the benefits of growth. According to Finland’s recently published AI agenda, the aim is to fulfil the potential for AI-led economic growth. The  most promising areas are related to transport; mobility as a service (MaaS); and the healthcare industry. To bridge the gap between AI research and AI products, the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence  in Helsinki combines fundamental research with application, functioning as an ecosystem where researchers, students, companies and the public sector can interact.

Within deep tech, AI is seen as the area where Europe is best positioned to gain world-leading status.  The Finnish startup ecosystem is one of the most attractive in Europe: Finland is known for its world-class gaming industry, research-based deep tech, and initiatives such as the major startup event Slush and the Nordic countries’ biggest startup hub, Maria 01. Finnish startups and early-stage growth companies raised over €349 million in funding in 2017, setting a new record.

Finland creates and applies new artificial intelligence innovations.