The New Arctic

Icebreaker Sampo in action in Kemi

The Story

Finns are born with an Arctic attitude. Finland is a world leader in many categories  because of its Arctic climate, not in spite of it. Finnish people don’t just deal with it – they enjoy it, too. Roads, airports and sea routes stay open all winter; machinery keeps right on working. Ideas must withstand the challenges of the changing seasons. This goes for everything from tech to food to recreation.  Finland has indisputable Arctic expertise and globally recognised, state-of-the-art solutions.

Finnish companies are pioneers in many Arctic-related sectors, from winter seafaring to digital services.  Finnish companies have designed almost 80% of the world’s icebreakers; about 60% of them were built in Finnish shipyards.  Finland also offers a great testing environment for new tech and business models, with an extensive test-area network and flexible regulation.

Climate change is rapidly altering the Arctic regionNew transport routes are opening up, tourism is increasing, and energy and mineral resources are being developed. Finland responds to environmental challenges through  international cooperation, seeking a sustainable balance between the Arctic environment’s limitations and opportunities.

Finland’s Strategy for the Arctic Region (2013) forms the basis of its Arctic vision. Finland wishes to achieve growth via  environmentally friendly operations.  Finnish priorities reside in foreign policy, EU policy, sustainable tourism, regional infrastructure and Arctic expertise.

If it works in Finland, it works anywhere.