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Video: Until We Act

Nature and sustainable development

Finns grow up surrounded by nature. Nature is part of us. We constantly learn from it. This is why we act together to protect it.

Lower taxes through climate action? Complete absurdity. Until the town of Ii was able to reduce their municipal tax rate by cutting fossil fuels and investing in clean energy.

Government grants to encourage households to abandon fossil fuels? Pure utopia. Until we started to provide grants to households to switch to more sustainable heating choices.

A state level ban on the use of coal in energy production? Too big a step. Until we passed a law to phase out the use of coal by 2029.

Clothing that never reaches the landfill? Food out of thin air? Unrealistic daydreams. Until Finnish companies came up with new innovations.

Industries and large companies putting climate first? Highly unlikely. Until Finnish industries started to draft roadmaps to cut their own carbon emissions.

Change may seem inconceivable, but only until we act. Find your Until moment, together with Finland.

Solutions, inspiration and case examples at finland.fi/untilweact.