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Finland – The home of unique ideas for a Nordic lifestyle

A short promotion video for Business Finland’s 2018 Lifestyle Finland campaign. The imagery of the video is made of people highlighting Finnish design furniture, clothes, linen, bags et cetera. One minute and 23 seconds in length.

Finland is known for unique, sometimes peculiar, but always memorable things. But what makes Finnish lifestyle, design, and fashion so special? Explore #LifestyleFinland and make a magical journey to the North.

They say we are the land of a thousand lakes. Not true, we are the land of 187 888 lakes and a million ideas. Finnish lifestyle, design, fashion and entertainment are made with vision, passion and honesty, but honestly. Not always with modesty.

Inspired by arctic nature, urban life, east & west and Nordic oddity. Designed for the looks, the feel, the good, the badass and the quirky. For everyday life we create a lifestyle for a lifetime.


Edited: 17.7.2023