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Video: Organic food from Finland – organic sheep

Nature and sustainable development

Explore the Finnish organic production! Organic milk, grain and meat producers tell about their work as makers of the organic food. Produced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, one minute and three seconds in length. Spoken in Finnish, subtitles in English.

The video begins with sheep getting on a boat in the archipelago and continues to follow the sheep’s voyage through the archipelago, as well as shows the sheep running on a field. The person interviewed on the video is Sebastian Nurmi, an organic sheep farmer from Raasepori.

“In the autumn, when the sheep come home from the islands, you can tell they had a good life there. They are easy to handle, friendly and like my company. In summer, the life of an organic sheep is great. They enjoy nature’s goodies. And when the side products are equally good – good environment, nature’s diversity and tasty meat – then all is good. It is obvious the sheep are happy. They just walk around and eat tasty herbs growing wild in the nature, and that is also a marinade for the meat.”