Sustainable growth from the bioeconomy

To succeed in a constantly changing world, you have to change as well. Finland has reinvented itself in just one short century – and we’re still at it. Our national character and Northern heritage have boosted us to the top of all kinds of country rankings from clean air to clean tech.

Finland has world-class expertise, vast renewable natural resources and the industrial infrastructure needed to develop a sustainable bioeconomy. These can help the world to face the huge challenges of low growth, declining natural resources, loss of biodiversity and climate change. Finland is a genuine bioeconomy pioneer, based on innovation, cooperation and its wide-ranging biobased industry cluster.


Over 70 % of Finland is forest – and we have over 188,000 lakes. Finland’s rise to prosperity is based on its expertise in using renewable natural resources. Forests and clean nature form – and have always formed – the basis of our way of life. Finns have a close relationship with nature, its values and processes, i.e. ecosystem services which Finns believe to be of paramount importance.

Natural resource use has changed and will continue to do so. Thanks to our unique relationship with nature, sustainability comes naturally to us. Over the centuries, we have accumulated know-how and developed technologies and products that meet market demand all over the world.

New bioeconomy business opportunities will be based on the smart exploitation of biomasses and water resources, the development of the associated technologies, and high added value products and services. In the future, we will continue to use our renewable natural resources in our traditional, wise and versatile way.


Finland offers the world sustainable bioeconomy know-how and solutions. We use forest biomass in all sorts of ways: as well as wood products and paper, we produce biomaterials, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, functional foods, cosmetics, intelligent packaging and advanced biofuels.

Finland has wide expertise in resource-efficient processes for biomass refining and bioenergy Finland is also a well-known pioneer in industrial biotechnology and the related applications. We have extensive educational and R&D resources, as well as activities and consulting services in the bioeconomy sector.

We ensure the ecological sustainability of our bioeconomy. In Finland, forests have been conserved, nature management methods used and environmental and forest legislation and certification developed in order to strike a balance between sustainability and the exploitation of forests.

Kimmo Syväri / Metsä Group

Many of our foods are health-promoting and Finnish nutrition research is world-class. In Finland, because it is widely understood that nature and nature experiences are an important source of wellbeing, wellbeing services form a growing sector. Finnish biotechnology expertise is engaged in the generation of new business activities based on pharmaceutical research, health technology, individualised health care solutions and health sector service innovations.


The bioeconomy accounts for a high share – over 12% – of value added the Finnish national economy, with an annual output of over 70 billion euros and more than 300,000 employees. The share of exports is about one quarter. These figures exclude the technology and service industries, which could also be classified as bioeconomy sectors.

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