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World Ideas in Food

Nature and sustainable development

If it is pure, smart, healthy, innovative and above all delicious it is probably food from Finland. Why? Watch the video. Two minutes and two seconds in length.

The persons interviewed on the video are Jari Kurtti, CEO of Arctic Superfoods, and Thimjos Ninios, director of Finnish food safety authority Evira.

The Finnish part of the video:

The northern nature provides great conditions for our wild berries and herbs, as well as for growing crops in our fields. Finnish ingredients are the cleanest and of the highest quality in the world.

The imagery of this video has three themes. Firstly, people enjoying food, such as a person taking a photo of their plate, a group of people gathered around a large table full of food and people sitting outside eating pizza. Secondly, food and ingredients, such as a person cutting white bread, a pile of bilberries and oat grains. Thirdly, Finnish nature and city landscapes.