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Finnish Winter

Functionality and Wellbeing

Winter in Finland is really, really dark and loooooong. If we’re lucky, we get a couple of hours of sunshine a day. So, how do we Finns survive the darkness? One minute and 20 seconds long.

Description of the video:

(Black screen with white font.) Winter in Finland is really dark. I mean really, really dark. Look, there’s Olavi making a snowman! And Sanna in a sleigh! If we’re lucky we get a couple of hours of sunshine a day, and we tend to be at work at that time. (A weary-looking man sitting at his office desk, with a lot of energy drink bottles on the table.) So how do we survive the darkness? You see, we have this thing called “inner light”, which we let loose at weekends.

(People diving into the snow, making snow angels, ice swimming, walking in the forest, fishing, kayaking and bicycling.) Nothing can stop us from doing the same things we do in the summer. After all, it very rarely is summer. (Dogs and reindeer playing in the snow.) Our pets love winter, too.

(Two people ice fishing quietly.) In winter, we love spending time together. Yes, we actually think of this as quality time together. (Finland’s 100 years of independence celebrations in Helsinki Senate Square.) Quality time together.  (A couple kissing with New Year fireworks in the background.) On special occasions winter brings us even closer together.


Edited: 18.7.2023