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Happy 1st of May!

In Finland we have this thing called Vappu. We celebrate it around the 1st of May. And yes, we tend to go a little crazy (then as well)! Klara Vappen!

Every year on May 1st we Finns celebrate the beginning of spring. And we celebrate it seriously. We get a kick out of our carnival traditions. We gather in the streets and parks. We wear our graduation hats. We shovel in tippaleipä, even though it looks like brain. We drink sima. Okay, we drink some skumppa, too. We throw away our winter coats, and we do it together. No matter what the weather. Because it’s Vappu!

The imagery of this video consists of traditional 1st of May activities, food and drink, such as people celebrating and having picnics in parks, people wearing their graduation caps, people eating funnel cake and drinking mead and people swimming in the sea. 52 seconds in length.


Edited: 18.7.2023