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Finnish vocational and professional qualifications

Education and know-how

Accredited Finnish vocational and professional qualifications are available globally.  Watch the video, by Finnish National Agency for Education and Education Finland, to learn what makes them the best in the world. One minute and 42 seconds in length.

Finnish education continuously ranks as one of the best in the world. The same applies to Finnish vocational and professional education.

Finland, like other countries, has been forced to adapt to the new realities of life and work in this rapidly changing world. For Finland, adapting and succeeding is part of our DNA. Quality education is one of our key drivers in providing the knowledge and competencies that citizens, older and younger, need for today and tomorrow. It enables our students to have the hands-on brains-on skills to navigate their personal and working life futures.

In Finland, proving that students have competencies means using assessment systems that better measure what is valued for working life and not just value what is measured. Finnish competence-based qualifications have become a gold standard in the world of working life and now these qualifications can be accessed globally.

Join us in partnerships and explore the Finnish flow of vocational and professional learning. Apply the Finnish assessment process and criteria, take a leap from the present into the future and see how Finnish qualifications can bring added value to schools and colleges wherever they are located.