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Video: GeneCellNano – Gene, Cell and Nano Therapy Competence Cluster for the Treatment of Chronic Diseases

Education and know-how

This video introduces GeneCellNano, one of the participants in the Finnish Flagships programme. Four minutes and 10 seconds in length.

The GeneCellNano Flagship develops new biological drugs, so-called ATMP products, biomarkers and diagnostics for common chronic diseases. The objective of the Flagship is to significantly increase domestic and foreign funding for gene, cell and nanotechnology and to introduce new effective treatments for severe chronic diseases. The aim is also to create new jobs and businesses in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. This will contribute to the development and economic welfare of Finnish society.

The Flagship brings together all of Finland’s leading gene, cell and nanotherapy researchers, clinical operators, companies and third-sector actors. The cooperation will create a new kind of ecosystem that combines public and private actors and has excellent opportunities to become an international leader in a rapidly developing sector.

Host organisations: University of Eastern Finland, University of Oulu, University of Helsinki, Aalto University and Finnish Red Cross Blood Service

Learn more: www.genecellnano.fi