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Video: UNITE – Forest-Human-Machine Interplay – Building Resilience, Redefining Value Networks and Enabling Meaningful Experiences

Education and know-how

This video introduces UNITE, one of the participants in the Finnish Flagships programme. Four minutes and 18 seconds in length.

The mission of the UNITE flagship is to make Finland the leader in applying forest-based bioeconomy know-how, geospatial technologies and gamification to support human wellbeing globally. UNITE makes use of new sensor and measurement technologies to determine the structure and functionality of the forest ecosystem and produces agile methods for processing forest (big) data. It also aims to develop smart decision support and the forecasting of forest development as well as the management of spatial data and uncertainties in forest calculations. The Flagship’s researchers will also use gamification to develop gameful forest interactions and virtual reality approaches for enhancing human-nature interplay both in the real world and in virtual environments.

The Flagship brings together world-leading research teams in forest sciences, geospatial technology and gamification. The cooperation will support the creation of a biosociety that will provide a sustainable, rich and meaningful living for generations to come.

Host organisations: University of Eastern Finland, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute at the National Land Survey of Finland, Tampere University and Natural Resources Institute Finland

Learn more: www.uniteflagship.fi