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Teaser: Icebreaking ideas, also at sea. The world leader in Arctic ships.

Finland works materials
Video teaser for the ICT & Digitalization industry in 16:9 format. Free to use in its original format on your company’s website, in events, presentations and on social media. 10 seconds in length.
The silent video teaser features a sped-up clip showing an icebreaker ship’s bow sailing on the sea amongst ice floe. People have gathered to the bow of the ship. The sun is shining, and snow-covered land can be seen in the background. For the first three seconds the text element overlaying the background says “Icebreaking ideas also at sea”. After the first text slides away the text overlay “The world leader in arctic ships” appears for three seconds. The video teaser ends with the text “Finland works” in a dark blue font on a white background.