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Teaser: What is the most profitable bank for humankind? The world’s best biobank for research

Finland works materials
Video teaser for the Health industry in 16:9 format. Free to use in its original format on your company’s website, in events, presentations and on social media. 10 seconds in length.
The silent video teaser begins with a gold-coloured DNA strand on a dark blue background. The text overlay says “What is the most profitable bank for humankind?” After three seconds the image changes to four researchers, two men and two women, in a laboratory standing around a table. They are examining different types of specimen and there is a microscope, multiple test tubes and other instruments on the table.  The text overlay says “The world’s best biobanks for research”. This image is also visible for about three seconds, after which the video teaser ends with the text “Finland works” in a dark blue font on a white background.