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Video: ACCC – Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center

Education and know-how

This video introduces ACCC, one of the participants in the Finnish Flagships programme. Four minutes and two seconds in length.

Using multidisciplinary research and comprehensive research data, the ACCC Flagship will create opportunities for Finland, the European Union and the world to reach the Paris climate targets. The Flagship aims to promote adaptation to climate change through sustainable, cost-effective and research-based solutions. The objective of the Flagship is to mitigate climate change by increasing forest and soil carbon sequestration and to improve global air quality.

The collaboration with the business sector will help create new practical solutions, such as atmospheric measurement instruments and climate and air quality analysis services. The Flagship’s key company partners represent the business auditing, energy, transport, technology, food, agriculture and forestry sectors.

Host organisations: University of Helsinki, Finnish Meteorological Institute, University of Eastern Finland, Tampere University

Learn more: www.acccflagship.fi