Until We Act – Finnish Climate Collaboration


One country working alone cannot tackle the climate and environmental problems we face today. That is why Finland is committed to solving environmental issues swiftly, practically and together with others.

We believe that technological and social innovations are the key to finding solutions that work inside and outside of Finland. Rather than being afraid of challenges, we meet the ambitious global and national climate targets with action and cooperation. 

Legislation and research form the basis of our climate goals, but in order to meet them, we need to do much more. Everybody needs to contribute to the change, which is why climate education is now an integral part of the curriculum in Finnish schools.

A lot of climate work is also being done at the regional level. Some municipalities have set themselves climate goals even more ambitious than the national ones, and there are networks for bringing together municipalities, businesses, citizens and experts to create and carry out solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Here are our messages:

1. Change may seem inconceivable, but only until we act.

2. Action requires innovative solutions, cooperation and a pragmatic attitude.

3. Finland has an ambitious climate policy and a wide range of tools for action.

4. Let’s act together – Finland is ready to share know-how and lessons learned and join forces to change the future.

Below you will find materials related to Finnish climate solutions. Get to know more at www.untilweact.fi.

Materials on finnish climate solutions