exhibition: Finnish Teachers

In Finland, we place great value on education and understand that a good teacher is the very core of successful learning. Teachers are trusted professionals and innovators, encouraged and empowered to explore new approaches.

To get to know the Finnish teacher, explore the exhibition Finnish Teachers — Superheroes of the happiest country in the world.

From the exhibition Finnish Teachers — Superheroes of the happiest country in the world. Teacher: Maija Sneck Children: Elma Ojala (teal shirt), Taika Uronen (orange shirt), Amanda Kemppainen, (white shirt), Pihla Saarinen (light blue shirt), Luca Karis (red hair), Wili Viittanen (grey shirt) Photographer: Minna Kurjenluoma)

Superheroes of the happiest country in the world

Finland Promotion Board has commissioned an exhibition which features eight Finnish teachers from different regions, showcasing their stories through a combination of photography, audio, and text.

There are two versions of the exhibition available: a traditional physical exhibition and a digital version. It can be displayed at various locations, such as embassies, residencies, or educational institutions. Please find all content for the content and social media marketing below.

The teachers were photographed in their work surroundings by Finnish photographer Minna Kurjenluoma. The audio was produced by Helena Liikanen-Renger.

The exhibit was made possible by the cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Finnish National Agency of Education and The Trade Union of Education in Finland OAJ.


The exhibition introduction text

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