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Finnish Midsummer

Functionality and Wellbeing

Why do Finnish cities look so empty during Juhannus? Where are all the Finns? Well, at their cottages of course – almost every Finn has one. Happy Juhannus – together! One minute and 11 seconds in length. 

Description of the video:

(A man driving a bicycle on an empty street. The camera pans to show the city centre of Helsinki, also empty.) During Juhannus all major Finnish cities look like this. So where is everybody?

(A young boy diving from a dock. A lot of people sitting on the dock or swimming next to it.) At their cottages, almost every Finn has one. (Rain pouring on an umbrella. A bunch of people standing in the rain in a park.) Even if the weather is really, really bad we stay outside, because it’s Juhannus. (A whooper swan swimming in blue water. A golden grain field.) Because we love Finland.

(A white villa in the forest. People splashing in water and whisking themselves with a vihta in sauna.) Eventually, we let go. And fortunately for us, we can go all night long. Because it never gets dark. (Finnish flag flying in a flagpole. People walking outside by a lake.) On Juhannus we Finns really enjoy spending time together.



Edited: 26.1.2021