Pure food from Finland

A man holding a plate full of vegetables.

Photo: Harri Tarvainen

The world needs another agricultural revolution. We need healthier and safer food which is produced sustainably. Finland is in an excellent position to help propel this revolution because safe and sustainable food is already the national philosophy.

Finland has long winters, a pristine environment and a short, intense growing period. These conditions result in the dense and unique taste of Finnish food, as well as the domestic industry’s focus on quality instead of quantity.

Finland is an attractive place to develop energy efficient and automated vertical farming because of the long, dark and cold winters. Such solutions are economically viable in Finland before they are profitable in sunnier countries.

Finland takes food safety seriously. Finland has a unique salmonella control program which requires all forms of salmonella to be monitored throughout the production chain. Other countries typically only focus on a few different types.

Finnish poultry farms have been antibiotic-free since 2009 and the quantity of antibiotics administered to livestock is among the lowest in Europe, according to the Natural Research Institute.

A picture of a cup full of blueberries and a person on the background picking blueberries in a forest
Photo: Harri Tarvainen/North Karelia

Superfoods like berries and oats are significant Finnish agricultural products and have received major research and development. Other Finnish agricultural strengths include organic, vegan and special diet foods. Oats are perfect for many gluten-free foods.

Finland is among the highest investors to food sector R&D, measured as a percentage of industry turnover. As a result of this Finnish food and beverage companies are constantly introducing new innovative products to domestic and international markets.

Finnish agrotechnology innovations include machinery, tractors, robotics and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

Finland is a small country and is actively searching for international food and beverage partners.

A picture of cattle in a field.
Photo: Vastavalo/Pirjo Koistinen


Finland is the #1 country in oat research and innovations, according to Business Finland.

Finland produces 13% of European oats and is the 2nd largest oat exporter, according to the Finnish Oat Association.

Finland has the cleanest air in the world, according to the World Health Organisation.

Milk makes up 24.4% of the total output of the Finnish agricultural sector, according to Statistics Finland. Milk is followed by vegetables and horticulture products (12%), cereals (10.5%), cattle (9.5%) and pigs (6.6%).

Food and beverage exports from Finland jumped 13% in 2019, according to Business Finland. The biggest increases were in China (+82%), Germany (+30%), South Korea (+29%) and Sweden (+16%).

Pure food from Finland

Nature and sustainable development

Finnish food is known for its purity throughout the food chain, its hygiene, traceability and accountability, which are among the best in the world.

This presentation offers some basic information on Finland’s food industry.

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Edited: 27.10.2022