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Meet Eero Aarnio

Meet Eero Aarnio, Finnish designer, who is known for his unique and playful design aesthetic. The Ball Chair (1963) is considered a classic of industrial design and it paved the way for commercial Finnish design products around the world. You can find Aarnio’s designs at www.aarniooriginals.com.

This video, spoken in Finnish and subtitled in English, shows Aarnio in his design studio. One minute and two seconds in length.

Subtitles: Come. I’ll show you something interesting. (Aarnio shows a collection of magazine covers featuring the Ball Chair). I try to avoid mistakes, but you shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes. If you’re afraid of making mistakes, then you won’t dare to do anything. Into pieces. It all fits there. (Aarnio rips apart a design plan and throws in into the bin.) This is, by the way, my admission work from 1954. (Aarnio shows some drawings on the wall.) It might be, that the Ball Chair story began from here.