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Finland business

Video of Finland presented through Finnish facts, one minute and 42 seconds in length.

Things you should know about Finland: Finland is the greenest country in the world. Sustainability comes naturally to us and some of the best cleantech innovations come from Finland. Our air is the 3rd cleanest in the world and over 70% of Finland’s land area is covered with forest.

Finland is one of the leading EU countries in the use of renewable energy. Finland is the world’s most literate nation and we also have one of the most educated workforces. Finland is among the most digital countries in the EU. We are the most stable and one of the least corrupted countries.

All this makes Finland the most functional country in the world.

The imagery of the video consists of landscapes and cityscapes from Finland, and people in different activities such as releasing a weather balloon, fishing and orienteering, children running in a park and snowplows at work. The video ends with the text Suomi, Finland 100 in a blue font on a white background.