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Video: Organic food from Finland – organic milk

Nature and sustainable development

Explore the Finnish organic production! Organic milk, grain and meat producers tell about their work as makers of the organic food. Produced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, one minute and 15 seconds in length. Spoken in Finnish, subtitles in English.

The video shows a milk truck driving in the middle of fields and arriving to a farm, as well as a man on a field petting cows and the cows being milked. The person interviewed on the video is Mikael Wathén, an organic milk producer from Hausjärvi.

“Our animals are individuals and we know them. You can see from an animal how they feel and, as a producer, I find it important that they feel good. They have no illnesses from feeding, their feet are fine. They are able to move about, in the winter in the cold cowshed, walking around, in the summer in the pasture. All the animals are on the pasture now. Young calves and heifers are outside all the time in the summer. The well-being of animals is important to me, for my motivation and the profitability of production.”

“Organic farming is based on nitrogen fixation plants and circulating nutrients and it is easy to follow that in milk production, when the cows eat coarse fodder and the manure circulates back to the field. We have a purpose in this production. I want to serve Finnish consumers by producing Finnish food. We produce milk.”