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Video: Organic food from Finland – organic grain

Nature and sustainable development

Explore the Finnish organic production! Organic milk, grain and meat producers tell about their work as makers of the organic food. Produced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, one minute and four seconds in length. Spoken in Finnish, subtitles in English.

The video shows a harvester mowing a grain field. The person interviewed on the video is Michael Hornborg, an organic farmer from Lohja.

“When I’m harvesting here on my farm, and I look back, my ancestors have for hundreds of years produced whatever was needed. And the fact that I can do the same, and in a sustainable way, farm organically, feels so good to sit on my harvester and work.”

“The Finnish organic grain is especially good, because the winter takes care of what elsewhere is done by pesticides. I am really happy to produce organic grain, it has that added value to us all. When the raw material to produce foodstuffs is good, then the food can also be good. Organic food is business but it also enables people, nature and our animals to stay healthy.”