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Video: Organic food from Finland – organic meat

Nature and sustainable development

Explore the Finnish organic production! Organic milk, grain and meat producers tell about their work as makers of the organic food. Produced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, one minute and nine seconds in length. Spoken in Finnish, subtitles in English.

The video shows cows on a green field and being fed hay, as well as a harvester at work on a field. The person interviewed on the video is Anna Alm, an organic meat producer from Raasepori.

“My profession is quite amazing, I get to cultivate soil as food for people. It is pretty cool actually. I had no other choice but to farm organically, it was the right choice for me on our farm. The nature is so great here, and I want to make it even better. I want to be a part of nature.”

“In organic production it is a key factor to appreciate animal habits and the way plants grow. Not to pressure too much in any direction, but to let it be and use the method that is natural. Of course customers want tasty meat and I am sure the taste reflects our production methods but also my enthusiasm, and the fact that we choose pedigree cattle that are good to produce and good on the plate.”