The smart taste of nature

Finnish nature is well-known for being pure and water, soil and air for being clean.

When it comes to food, Finns are also very innovative and resourceful. Finland was named the top country for food security in 2020.

Finnish food is packed with textures and fresh flavours from nature. Berries, fish, dairy, vegetables, rye bread and locally and sustainably sourced meats make up the national menu. Finland often shies away from processed drinks in favour of clean and healthy water.

No doubt, you may be familiar with Finland’s world-famous rye bread, but there’s so much more to Finnish food than that.

So, let’s see the presentation which takes us on a culinary journey through the wonders and beauty of Finland, to discover its most delicious, traditional and innovative foods, The Smart Taste of Nature.

This presentation is produced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland.