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Video: The smart taste of nature

Throughout history, northern nature and its four distinct seasons have provided the ingredients that have shaped Finnish innovation.

The Finns have learned to respect nature and its gifts. This is still reflected in how food is treated, produced, and prepared for the loved ones.

The roots of the Finnish food tradition are in pure, down-to-earth and honest food.

The Finnish food is delicious. Science and innovation are applied to make it even better.

In Finland, the focus is on sustainability and minimizing environmental impact, but there is no compromise on taste.

The food is a great show of love with heritage and clever new ideas as special ingredients.

Let’s look at the video and take a culinary journey through the awe and beauty of Finland, discovering it’s most delicious, traditional and innovative foods, The Smart Taste of Nature.

This video is produced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland.